Spring has come to Jackson County High Country

Pasque FlowerAfter a very late winter, it is nice to see the beginnings of green around Gould.  There is still plenty of snow in the high country.  We have some green grass in the new picnic area.  And the early wild flowers are beginning to show up.

This weekend we had lots of Moose visitors.  Monday morning we had a small group of bulls that came strolling through the property.  They liked the new picnic area and the fresh willow buds along the pond.  Looks like it was a bachelor party as the cows are hidden away with their new calves.

Moose in Picnic AreaCountry Road 21 is open into Routt National Forest as far as the turn off to Teller City.  The Teller City road is still very wet and has lots of snow banks.  Forest Service Road 972 is open for about 5-6 miles until the snow banks get a little deep for all but the sturdiest off-road vehicles.  Other trails in the area vary from dry to snow bank blocked.  But water is running every where and the melt has begun.

The Michigan River is running bank full and the beavers have moved back in.  Fishing is a little tough in the streams because of high water, but the pond is filling up and the reservoirs and lakes are open.  Michigan RiverFor the best fishing assistance in this area contact North Park Anglers (www.Northparkanglers.com) in Walden.  They are the best guides in our area and their fishing shop has everything you need for a successful fishing trip this spring.

Our wild rose bushes are beginning to show some signs of life and the wild currant bushes next to the Moose Cabin have small leaves.  Next week we should have some real green around the property.


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